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Who Should Attend?

Public Works professionals
who aspire to move their
careers forward through
an expanded knowledge of
supervision, management
and leadership: crew leaders,
foremen, superintendents,
mid-career managers,
assistant director, directors,
and other emerging leaders.


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PWITX Administrator:
Ines Roach



P.O. Box 886
Kennedale, Texas 76060

As a Public Works Director, you have to be well versed in many areas of the industry. Often times, what we find is that we become so consumed by our day-to-day responsibilities that we tend to become very myopic with regards to the rest of the world's problems. The Public Work Institute allowed me the opportunity to take a step outside of my normal realm and view things from someone else's perspective. I was able to discuss issues that were important to me and have feedback from other classmates and instructors that was valuable in solving some critical issues. The class was very informative and included many aspects of the business that we tend to overlook. The instructors have a wide range of experience that is very beneficial for preparing the up and coming managers for success, not just at a manager level, but from a leadership perspective as well. I am proud to have been a part of the first graduating class and I most certainly plan to urge my employees to attend.

Chris Metz
Director of Public Works
City of Forney, Texas

Attending this course gave me a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to be a leader in the field of Public Works. Having tenured professionals share their experiences, lessons learned and particular insights into specific issues offered an unprecedented advantage to the attendees. Additionally, the unique aspect of sharing individual experiences, problem solving and brainstorming unique situations allowed for an expanding of approaches and developing of relationships with other Public Works professionals from all over the state.

Penny Hornsby
GIS Specialist
Missouri City, TX

Attending the PWITX offering was a great opportunity to network with other Public Works Professionals from around the state, they were from Cities large and small. There was a mix from all levels, Directors to Field Supervisors. We got the chance to "see" how others did it. The instructors were knowledgeable and the topics were taken from real life experiences. I would recommend that anyone who has a chance to attend, do so, it is money well spent!!!

Braxton R. Coles
P.W. Maintenance Manager
City of Houston

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